Rabie Ridge Sport Centre

The community of Rabie Ridge and adjacent neighbourhoods will once again enjoy state of the art sports facilities and participate in soccer, rugby, cricket, Olympics and any other sporting codes as the Johannesburg Development Agency on behalf of the City Of Johannesburg complete the implementation of the new two astroturf pitches and the upgrading of existing football pitches.

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Milpark Precinct Development

The community of Milpark, Oakland Park and adjacent suburbs will soon have aquality public environment, implemented by the Johannesburg Development Agency on behalf of the City of Johannesburg. The upgrade will include the pedestrian sidewalks, street light upgrades, road upgrades, services upgrades, pedestrian bridge and soft and hard landscaping, pedestrian connections, upgrading of recreational facilities, development of public transport priority routes, linking the BRT stations and providing safe areas for pedestrians and informal traders.

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Mayfair Public Environment Upgrade (PEU) – Phase 1

Public environment upgrades are currently underway in Mayfair. The project is being implemented by the Johanneburg Development Agency (JDA). The Mayfair project is part of the Inner City Development initiative by the City of Johannesburg which aims not only to encourage socio/economic development but also to improve public transport mobility and general public environment upgrade.

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