Section 15 Phase 2: Close-out

The Johannesburg Development Agency on behalf of the City Of Johannesburg, will implement, the Section 15 Phase 2: Close-out Phase project, which is part of the Rea Vaya Phase 1C Section 15 trunk route. Section 15 starts at the corner of Empire and Victoria Avenue, turns left at Empire and Clarendon Road and traverses along Louis Botha Avenue until the intersection of Pretoria Main Lees Street and is approximately 12 km long. This mobility and transit infrastructure project will benefit the communities of Orange Groove, Marlboro and adjacent neibourhoods in the Northern suburbs by encouraging cycling, walking and healthy lifestyle.

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Thoko Mngoma Clinic

For years the community of Alexandra, River Park and Marlboro areas were challenged with inadequate health facilities in their areas. The JDA in partnership and in consultation with stakeholders in Alexandra and adjacent suburbs co-produced solutions to meet local needs and mitigate challenges in the health sector, by appointing Shomang Construction in March 2017 to complete the refurbishment of Thoko Mngoma Clinic.

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Golden Harvest Drug Rehabilitation Centre

The socio / economic ills such as drugs abuse, alcohol abuse and unemployment amongst young generation in Joburg are major issues facing the residents of Johannesburg. The inadequate space at the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Randburg to care for patients seeking to address the challenges and in particular curing for the drug addiction amongst the youth was a major challenge.

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