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The Communities of Westdene, Sophia Town, Auckland Park and Melville, will benefit from the completion of the Westdene Dam Precinct NMT project by the JDA on behalf of the City of Johannesburg. Westdene Dam project is part of the Empire Perth Corridor, Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) project that improves pedestrian mobility and connectivity in particular connecting to the Westdene and the Rea Vaya Phase 2 trunk route.

Some of the benefits for the community will include the following;

  • Improve sidewalks, crosswalks, paths, bicycle lanes and networks.
  • Develop pedestrian oriented land use and building design.
  • Increase road and path connectivity, with special non motorised shortcuts
  • Traffic calming, streetscape improvements, traffic speed reductions, vehicle restrictions and road space reallocation (see ‘traffic management’).
  • Safety education, law enforcement and encouragement programs.
  • Address security concerns of pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Congestion pricing
  • Vehicle parking policies
  • Fuel taxes

The key elements of the project entail road upgrades, service upgrade, sidewalks upgrade, and upgrading of an existing Public Park.

The cost of the project is R38 million, over the period of 7 months

Stakeholder consultation process has been completed, some of the key external stakeholders affected by this project include but not limited to the JRA, City of Johannesburg Development Control, Johannesburg Water, City Power, affected communities (residents and businesses), Regional Office, Ward Councillor, local Emerging contractors and Business Forums.

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), main focus was to create quality public environments, which include capital works to strengthen pedestrian connections, upgrade recreational facilities, development of public transport priority routes, linking to the BRT stations and provide safe areas for pedestrians and informal traders.

The JDA Acting CEO Christo Botes is confident that Westdene Dam Precinct NMT project will improve lifestyle and provide health benefit for the communities in Westdene, Sophiatown, Auckland Park and Melville and adjacent suburbs. The residents will also experience, good walking and cycling opportunities, which are a key part of any sustainable transport and planning strategy, and provide an overall improvement of the quality of life.

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