2020 – Received Tenders & Quotations

Contract Number Bid Description – (Goods / Services) Tender Opening
JDA 17/19.1.1.A.6000555.1 Eastern Gateway Oval Park 11 December 2020
Design and Implementation Deep South Complete Street: Civil Engineers 11 December 2020
Design and Implementation Turffontein Complete Street: Civil Engineers 11 December 2020
JDA/MARKT/AERIAL-PHOTO/ 004/2020 RFP: Provision of Aerial, Ground Photography and Video Services for the JDA Over Three (3) Years 08 December 2020
JDA/DF/TMP-RANDBURG/002/2020 RFP -request for Proposal From a Consortium or Joint Venture With Expertise in Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering, Urban Planning and Community Participation to Develop a Transport Masterplan and Implementation Plan for the Randburg Central Business District 03  December 2020
JDA/LEGAL-CM/006/2020/21 Request for Proposals From Bidders With Expertise in Contract Management Systems and Dispute Resolution Mechanism 19 November 2020
Rosebank Public Transport Facility: Transport Specialists/Traffic Engineers 05 November 2020
Implementation of Soweto Railway Stations NMT Links Chiawelo: Civil and Structural Engineers 05 November 2020
Rosebank Public Transport Facility: Civil and Structural Engineers 05 November 2020
Rosebank Transport Facility: Architects/Urban Designers 02 November 2020
DA/ICT-FAC/GEN-UPS/001/2020 RFP – Supply, Delivery, installation and Maintenance of the Back-up Generator and Servicing of the UPS at the JDA For 36 Months 12 October 2020
JDA 19.2.2.B7107 Construction Of Roodepoort CBD Tod (Stage 2) 30 September 2020
JDA/IA/CYBER-SECURITY/001/2020 RFP – Provisioning of Cyber-security Risk Audit for the JDA 30 September 2020
Feasibility Study For The Brt Ivory Park- Sandton CBD And Ivory Park 25 September 2020
Panel of 8GB Contractors MC/GB Grade 8GB 23 September 2020
Panel of 7GB Contractors 22 September 2020
Panel of 8CE Contractors 21 September 2020
Panel of 7CE Contractors 18 September 2020
JDA CPC002 Community Participation Consultants Panel Closing 16 September 2020
JDA/ITC/ERP SUPPORT/001/2020 RFQ – Provisioning Of ERP Support Services For The JDA For 12 Months 11 September 2020
JDA17.3.8.B.7033- Construction of Naledi Clinic 12 August 2020
JDA GPE/FS/CN002 Gandhi Precinct East Development: Upgrade Of Fox Street 11 August 2020
JDAICT/TEL0048/2020 RFP: Provisioning Of Telephone Upgrade Services For Three (3) Years 15 June 2020
JDAICT/PENTEST/001/2020 Provisioning Of Penetration Testing And Vulnerability Assessment Services For The JDA For 12months 24 July 2020
JDAICT/IS0047/2020 RFP: Provisioning Of Integrated Internet Services For Three (3) Years 12 June 2020
Soweto Stations NMT Chiawelo: Traffic Engineeers 11 June 2020
PEU /CN004 Nodal Regeneration: Braamfontein P E U 10 June 2020
JDADF/LEGAL-SECTITLE/002/2020 Re – Advertisement of RFQ – Legal Experts for Legal Advisory Services on the Sectional Title Programme 04 June


Complete Street: Turffontein 03 June 2020
Stormwater Masterpaln Implementation: Civil Engineers 26 April 2020
DA/SAFETYEQUIP/2020 Supply And Delivery Of Safety Equipment 23 April 2020
Construction of Ivory Park Public Environment 24 March 2020
JDA 17/19.2.B 7020 PH2 Prequalification: Diepsloot Public Environment Upgrade 23 March 2020
Construction of Orlando NMT Phase 2 20 March 2020
PEU – BRT – CCC SB/002 RFQ: Construction Of Customer Care Centre, Security Booths, Joubert Street And Ghandi Square 18 March 2020
JDADF/LEGAL-SECTITLE/2020 RFQ – Legal Advisory Services On The Sectional Title Programme 16 March 2020
RFQ: Panel- Town Planners For The Rezoning And Consolidation Of Erf 54-64 MatholesvilleFQ: Ghandi Square East Mapping 11 March 2020
JDADF/GHANDIMAP/2020 RFQ: Ghandi Square East Mapping 11 March 2020
Construction of Three Taxi Park and Ride Facilities in Tshepisong 05 March 2020
JDA/DFKYA001/2020 RFQ: Appointment Of Professional Consultants To Conduct Supplementrary Studies For The Township Establishment & Rezoning Of Holding 13 Trevally Ah In Kya Sands Region A For The Development Of The Taxi Holding Facility 17 February 2020
BRT Customer Care Centres 17 February 2020
Appointment Of Main Contractor For Brixtonsocial Cluster Phase Two 17 February 2020
JDA/DFKY/001/2020 RFQ – Appointment Of A Town Planner For The KYA Sands To Conduct Supplementary Studies For The Township Establishment And Rezoning Of Holding 13 Trevallyn AH For The Development Of A Taxi Holding Facility 02 February 2020
Stormwater Masterplan Implementation SMP 20 January 2020