The Johannesburg Development Agency on behalf of the City Of Johannesburg, will implement, the Section 15 Phase 2: Close-out Phase project, which is part of the Rea Vaya Phase 1C Section 15 trunk route. Section 15 starts at the corner of Empire and Victoria Avenue, turns left at Empire and Clarendon Road and traverses along Louis Botha Avenue until the intersection of Pretoria Main Lees Street and is approximately 12 km long. This mobility and transit infrastructure project will benefit the communities of Orange Groove, Marlboro and adjacent neibourhoods in the Northern suburbs by encouraging cycling, walking and healthy lifestyle.

The scope of works entails traffic accommodation, construction of BRT Bus Stops, widening of sections of Louis Botha Avenue and the upgrading of certain intersections, patching and crack sealing of existing ‘mixed lanes’, asphalt surface overlay, road marking, kerb and channel, sidewalks and street light upgrade.

The scope of works for this financial year is to complete portions of this trunk route that were not completed last financial year due to delays in land acquisition process and relocation of existing services. Above this, the scope will include installation of ITS infrastructure along both Sections 15 and 8. The road works will be completed in June 2018 and the ITS will continue to the outer years.

The construction of this project will commence in the 3rd quarter in 2018. The construction budget for The Section 15 Phase 2: Close-out is R89 mil.

The implementation of the project will be executed by small construction companies, which means that the large-scale infrastructure spending is also benefiting local businesses and creating local job opportunities.

The Section 15 Phase 2: Close-out is part of the Corridors of Freedom programme, that invest in the public transit and mobility infrastructure to promote walking, cycling, and sustainable public transport, along the corridor routes ,Greenways, specifically the large construction works that are being undertaken on the Rea Vaya trunk routes and the projects to install pedestrian and cycle paths (non-motorised transport [NMT] infrastructure) along the Corridors of Freedom that connect commuters with the Rea Vaya BRT system and commuter rail services.

The Section 15 Phase 2: Close-out is also linked to mixed-use development nodes with office buildings in Empire and Victoria Avenue, retail developments , restaurants and high density accommodation along Louis Botha Avenue.

The Acting JDA CEO Christo Botes said, the organization is excited that the organisation will deliver the development that connect people with opportunities to live, work, play, and be healthy in the city. Efficient mass public transport networks and connections, transit-oriented multi-use precincts, together with strategic land-use