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The community of Rabie Ridge and adjacent neighbourhoods will once again enjoy state of the art sports facilities and participate in soccer, rugby, cricket, Olympics and any other sporting codes as the Johannesburg Development Agency on behalf of the City Of Johannesburg complete the implementation of the new two astroturf pitches and the upgrading of existing football pitches.

The upgrading on Rabie Ridge Sport Centre can act as a catalyst for drastically improving Rabie Ridge Precinct, through the knock-on impact of creating jobs, increasing active lifestyle, and attracting private-sector investment.

The objective of this project is to ensure that Rabie Ridge Community in particular the youth participate in sports, live a healthy lifestyle and ultimately become sport fanatics. The construction of the sporting facilities will also provide opportunities for social interaction among communities.

All public consultation processes have been completed. Some of the key external stakeholders affected by this project include but not limited to, JRA, City of Johannesburg Development Control, Johannesburg Water, City Power, affected communities (residents and businesses), Regional Office, Ward Councillor, local Emerging contractors and Business Forums.

Once again the overall scope of work for the 2017/18 financial year is to complete the upgrading of existing football pitches and constructing two astroturf courts.

Rabie Ridge Sport Centre is one of community project identified by the City of Johannesburg for the benefit of Rabie Ridge community.

The Acting CEO Christo Botes said the upgrade of the Rabie sports complex will bring people together and in particular the youth. Sport and recreation are the hub of community life, especially in Joburg regions, where communities is expected to live, play and work in the area where they live such as Rabie Ridge and Midrand areas.

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