The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) invites all interested parties to observe the bid adjudication meeting for bids received above R200 001.

The public is invited as observers ONLY in the interest of openness and transparency.

Date: Friday 29 November 2017 at 09h00.

Venue: The JDA Offices – Bus Factory, 3 Helen Joseph Street, Newtown – JDA Auditorium

Should the meeting be postponed / cancelled, notice will be placed on the JDA website.

Proof of identity to be produced at the entrance: only a SA National Identity Document or a valid Passport will be accepted.

Below is the agenda for the reports to be considered:

1.JDA-CN0001Design and implementation of the Hillbrow Tower Precinct Public Environment Upgrade Phase 4 & 5: Adjustment of fees for professional team29 November 2017
2.JDA 093.2.2/014Section 116 (3)-Westbury Transformation Development Centre: Request to increase construction contingency29 November 2017
3.JDA-CN005Balfour Park Precinct: Appointment of Electrical and Mechanical Engineer29 November 2017
4.MS-CN001Regulation 32: Meadowlands Stadium Stormwater Upgrade: Appointment of Civil Engineer29 November 2017
5.JDA-CPC001Panel of Consultants: Appointment of service providers29 November 2017
6.JDA 093.2.2/014Upgrade of Westbury Transformation Development Centre: Request to adjust fees29 November 2017
7.JDA 087E.02/CN001Vincent Tshabalala Pedestrian Bridge: Pre-qualification of bidders29 November 2017
8.JDA-WP15K-01Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transport system: Phase 1C Work package 15K: Pre-qualification of bidders29 November 2017