Melville is a bohemian relaxed suburb of Johannesburg hosting many artists, academics and students. It is the location of many restaurants and bars as well as boutiques, which are mostly frequented by patrons from all over the country Joburg residents and tourists making it one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations.

Melville area is challenged by, socio economic and infrastructural issues like many other Johannesburg suburbs such as; traffic congestion, insufficient parking bays, no pedestrianised areas, safety, the cry for protection of heritage buildings, the need for effecting bylaws, insufficient public ablutions, crime and grime, and the absence of well considered public environment upgrades..

In the last few months the JDA held several stakeholder engagement sessions with the Melville community towards compiling a Precinct Plan document for the area of Melville area, which includes a part of Auckland Park. The aim was to put in place interventions directed towards future spatial, socio economic, infrastructural and development proposals within the precinct. Additionally the aim was to put in place, place-making interventions that would optimize the current functionality of the Precinct

The Plan included conducting several studies on current spatial, traffic and transposition, socio economic, urban management and bulk infrastructure conditions in order to contribute towards creating informed solutions for the area with the communities’ intensive contributions and inputs on the proposed Precinct Plan.

The studies, which were extended immediate surroundings of the area such as Auckland Park, the Melville Koppies and Rustenburg Road – related concerns which were also identified during the status quo assessment of the area. These issues were not limited to vehicles or road based transport, but would also include aspects pertaining to pedestrians, public transport, etc.

Compiling the Precinct Plan took place over an extended period through robust consultation with the community of Melville and onsite studies. January 2018 will mark the last month for the submission of comments on the proposed Plan

According to Christo Botha Acting CEO for the JDA, “Gratitude to the residents of Melville is also extended for taking initiative in implementing some of the strategies contained in the plan. The JDA places significance on co-producing solutions that can be embraced and implemented by communities. As the JDA we pride ourselves in creating opportunities for communities to design and own public spaces in order to give residents a sense of ownership of their own spaces.”

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