The City of Johannesburg has embarked on a new spatial vision for the City in line with its Growth and Development Strategy 2040, based on corridor Transit Orientated Development (TOD). Through this approach, it is envisaged that the growth of the future city will be guided towards well-planned transport arterials, with a focus on retail mixed-use developments, higher density residential accommodation, supported by office buildings, retail development and opportunities for leisure and recreation clustered along these routes.

TOD are integrated, vibrant, high-density developments that seek to enhance pedestrian access to public transit options that will transform the City of Johannesburg to a people-centred city.

Based on the above objectives and development goals, the Milpark Precinct Urban Design Framework was adopted as a vision for the precinct. New developments should build on the large institutional presence in the area (SABC, UJ, WITS, Media24) and the high level of public transport accessibility. Substantial new development is envisaged for this precinct, the majority of which should ideally be high-rise buildings.

The Milpark Urban Design Framework was approved as Council policy in 2016 and contains principal propositions for the transformation of the Milpark Precinct.