The City of Johannesburg and Council yesterday 21 May 2014 approved a framework for stakeholder’s engagements on proclamation and declaration of trading areas in the Inner City of Johannesburg in line with Business Act 1991 no 71 and Constitution of the Republic.

A well-managed informal trading sector which talks to the needs of its stakeholders and is effectively integrated into the economic, spatial and social development goals of the City.

The process will be undertaken in collaboration with informal trader’s representatives and other interested and affected stakeholders. Council also approved the commencement of an engagement process with affected parties to decide on de-proclamation and designation of new trading areas.

A technical team consisting of critical City departments, trader’s representatives as well as other stakeholders will be established. Workshops with affected Property owners; Taxi Associations and Residents will be organized.

The City will ensure that informal traders participate in new process to designate trading areas and ensure that informal traders participate through their associations or representatives recognized by the City in process.

The work will include identifying streets with less traffic and congestion impact that will be designated as trading areas; removing on street parking in road sections with heavy traffic. Widening of pedestrian walkways especially near public transport facilities nodes and ensuring balance between the needs of pedestrians, residents, businesses, commuters and those of the informal traders.

The proposed precinct plans for de-proclamation and proclamations of trading areas has been approved for public consultation i.e. public and stakeholders will be invited to give comments. Approval is currently being obtained from the Development Planning department as determined by the specific area Town Planning Scheme.

The City wishes to reiterates its commitment to do everything in its power to ensure that the order by the Constitutional Court on the 5 December 2013 is implemented.

The City of Johannesburg is committed to the development of the informal trading sector by creating viable trading spaces to ensure that Joburg becomes a liveable city in which people can live, work, and play.

The City aims to develop the sector to be commercially viable. This will in turn contribute to the economic growth of the City and the quality of life of its citizens in a sustainable manner.

Issued by:
City of Johannesburg

For more information:
Nthatisi Modingoane