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The communities in the Inner City and in particular in Jeppe’s town will soon have gathering place for families ,social groups and a place to get healthy and fit. The appointed main contractor DKPB by the Johannesburg Development Agency on behalf of the City of Johannesburg indicated that the construction is 90% complete. The contractor employed 5 SMME’s and utilised 39 local labourers for the construction of the Park.

The construction of the Park started in December 2017 and will be completed in June 2018.

The Jeppe Park Recreational Facility will improve the local tax base and improve property values of the residents in the Inner City and in particular the Jeppe residents.

The  upgrade of Jeppe Park consist of  natural, semi-natural ,planted space set aside for human enjoyment and recreation for the protection of natural habitats. A space for health fitness.  It has grassy areas, rocks, soil and trees to provide intrinsic environmental, It also  contain buildings such as monuments, fountains and playground structures.

The Park will now efficiently and effectively be utilised buy learners, youth, church groups, old and also spots fanatics.

Extensive stakeholder engagement was conducted to ensure that the community give inputs of the outcome of the final designs and co – produce to meet these outstanding local needs and mitigate challenges.

Cost of the projects is R12, 4million said Botes.

Issued by:
Johannesburg Development Agency
Susan Monyai