The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) has been tasked with the construction of the Rea Vaya Heritage Walkway which forms part of the Louis Botha Development Corridor. The Heritage Walkway which runs along Houghton Drive, is nearing completion.

The significance of this project rests in the historical value of the historical stone wall bus shelter and chlorination chamber which is assumed to have been built in 1939. The construction of the Rea Vaya along this Corridor necessitated the construction of a pedestrian bridge parallel to the historical stone retaining wall, hence the inception of the Heritage Walkway project. The historical stone wall lays the backdrop to the pedestrian walkway which includes a pedestrian, road widening and paving works.

It was important to ensure that the rollout of Rea Vaya infrastructure along this Corridor does not have a negative impact on the heritage value of existing heritage structures being the stone wall bus shelter and chlorination chamber.

“The project is well on its way to completion and ensuring that these historical structures remain un-damaged and their heritage integrity uncompromised was a key component of the construction” said Christo Botes, JDA’s Chief Executive Officer.
“The Heritage Walkway will improve walkability and safety for pedestrians in the area. The Heritage Walkway will add to the heritage value of this” concluded Botes.

Issued by:
Johannesburg Development Agency
Susan Monyai

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