The eco-friendly clinic located at corner of Archerfish Avenue and Mudhopper Street in Ebony Park, Midrand will be handed over to the Department of Health in August 2018 by the Johannesburg Development Agency. This clinic will offer the residents of Ebony Park and surrounding neighborhoods access to basic medical health services.

Ebony Park ClinicThe notable clinic consists of emergency wing, TB and ARV Departments, waiting area, ante-natal care unit, new waiting areas, medical dispensary, and parking for staff and visitors. The clinic will improve and expand patient access to medical services, improved lifestyle, and provide jobs for the community in Ebony Park and surroundings neighborhoods.

This project is part of the broader City of Johannesburg Health Infrastructure Upgrade Programme which is aimed at improving access to basic health services for the residents of the City of Johannesburg.

Ebony Park ClinicThe eco-friendly concept design and implementation includes standby electrical power supply which allows continuity of power supply to some critical areas during power outages within the facility. To achieve this, the facility makes use of the latest technological innovations such as the peak photo-voltaic system which generate electrical power from solar panels reducing operational costs and minimizing on the carbon footprint of the development. Further innovations includes LED lighting systems where practical which allows for a lower energy consumption, lower maintenance costs compared to conventional lighting and as a result reduced operational costs.

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) on behalf of the City of Johannesburg will hand over the clinic to Department of health in August 2018.The overall cost for the construction of upgrading Ebony Park Clinic project is R45m, said Botes the JDA CEO.

Issued by:

Susan Monyai