In the 2017/18 financial year, the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) introduced a new approach to partnering with Johannesburg’s Inner City communities (including NGO’s, private developers, investors, residential organisations, educational institutions and social support organisations) by introducing the Our City, Our Block call for partnerships.

For the past seventeen (17) years, the JDA has played a strategic role in investing municipal funds into capital works projects that aim to catalyse development and re-investment, precinct by precinct across the Inner City. Our City, Our Block aims to extend this by working collaboratively with a diverse range of stakeholders in the Inner City in order to form productive partnerships.

The objective of these partnerships is to improve the inner city’s business and community relations in order to build trust amongst these stakeholders; support positive initiatives for the repositioning and re-branding of the inner city in line with the Mayor’s vision and; to acknowledge and reward active citizenry and civic pride. This will be achieved through a call to action for communities in the inner city to work together by identifying key projects that will have a positive impact on their neighbourhoods.

“At this stage, the first round of Our City Our Block initiative has given technical assistance to six short-listed partnerships, through the JDA, to refine their proposals and develop initial concept designs for a physical space upgrade, a new facility or the solution of a technical problem that would unlock development. Of these projects, three have now been approved and funding will to go into the implementation phase through the JDA” said JDA CEO, Christo Botes.

The JDA calls all those who are interested in being a part of the ‘Our City, Our Block’ initiative for the 2018/19 financial year to identify small-scale interventions in the inner city by engaging with a wide range of sectors and industries in the inner city. Submissions should be inclusive of a collaborative partnership at neighbourhood or precinct level; identify neighbourhood or precinct scale capital projects that would return sustainable benefits for the inner city’s users and; give clear indication of the impact and motivation for the project.

Submissions will be assessed in a two-stage process similar to design competition. All entries will be expected to combine their creative ideas with a project that will be simple to implement and sustain.

Entries Close 14th December 2018. Interested parties can access the information under the tenders section.

Issued by:
Johannesburg Development Agency
Susan Monyai