TOUR operators are sought by the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) to participate in its urban renewal and heritage tours that will showcase the successful revitalisation of the inner city.
“There has been an immense growth in the central business district and we want to share our experiences with those who don’t live or work in the city,” says the

JDA chief executive, Lael Bethlehem.

Tourist guide operators interested in participating in this programme must submit to the agency formal written proposals on how the JDA and the tour guide can conduct tours in the inner city. Proposals must be handed to the agency,at the Bus Factory, 3 President Street, Newtown by Friday, 19 March.
“One of the JDA’s mandates is to instil confidence in the city. Hence our goals are to help residents and tourists appreciate the inner city and its heritage,” she explains.

The urban renewal and heritage tours will cover various areas, including:
Hillbrow, Berea, Yeoville, the old city, art;
The Newtown arts and cultural tour;
The Colosseum Award is given for inner city conservation
Remembering Joburg’s past

The mining and financial district and government precinct;
The sporting precinct; and
Johannesburg Inner City Urban Renewal.
Over the past few years, these areas have undergone major rejuvenation.
Successful applicants who respond to this request for proposals found on the JDA website in the tenders section, will undergo a two-day training workshop that will focus on various aspects such as urban renewal, heritage and public art. Once the tour programme kick offs, sightseers will be able to get a good overview of the urban renewal efforts of the previous decade and of heritage buildings in the city.
Inner city revival
Billions have been spent by the City of Johannesburg through the JDA on the upliftment of the inner city.

The Colosseum Award is given for inner city conservation
The early history of Joburg’s financial growth

Its projects have made a huge impact in the city, with different levels of funding and commitment in urban management being undertaken.

Its projects form part of the ongoing drive to revamp the decaying areas of Johannesburg and include upgrades to parks, streets and public buildings. Areas such as Ellis Park, Yeoville, Berea, Hilllbrow, Braamfontein and Newtown have been transformed, attracting major organisations back into the city.

Improved street lighting, street furniture, landscaping, pavements and rubbish bins have enhanced the look of the city, while a vibrant public art programme is adding to its beauty.