The socio / economic ills such as drugs abuse, alcohol abuse and unemployment amongst young generation in Joburg are major issues facing the residents of Johannesburg. The inadequate space at the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Randburg to care for patients seeking to address the challenges and in particular curing for the drug addiction amongst the youth was a major challenge.

The JDA on behalf of the City of Joburg in consultation with the community of Randburg and neighbouring residents co-produced solution to combat these challenges by refurbishing the existing Rehabilitation Centre and constructing a new wing of the Center to ensure that youth is rehabilitated and brought back to the community healthy and safe.

The refurbishment of the Rehabilitation Centre started in 2014 and the construction of the extension of the new block started in 2015 and the centre was completed in November 2017.

The new wing consists of constructing the following areas;

  • Accommodation Block
  • Dining Area and Kitchen
  • Detox Unit
  • Administration Block
  • Visitor’s Wing
  • Guard House

The construction created local jobs and (8) SMME’s were appointed and (63) labourers were employed overall.

The total cost for refurbishment and the construction of the new wing is R39 mil.

The Drug Rehabilitation Centre is part of Social and Development and is currently operated by SANCA on behalf of the City of Johannesburg. Currently it has 18 rooms sharing and 32 beds to accommodate the needy patients in Johannesburg. The JDA has handed over the project to Social Development and awaiting the launch of the project.

The Acting CEO Christo Botes indicated that the centre is completed through partnering with local communities and stakeholders and produced solutions to meet local needs and mitigate drug and alcohol abuse challenges. He added that working with local stakeholders is a more responsible and effective approach by drawing on their knowledge of the development context.

Botes, is pleased that the Drug Rehabilitation Centre will be fully operational in 2018 and will cater for the entire Joburg residents, save youth life and offer recuperation, recovery to needy patients.