JDA by the numbersThe City of Johannesburg is a developmental metro that takes into account the socio-economic circumstance of all who live in it – drawing up long-term strategies and short- to medium-term plans to build a liveable and sustainable city for all. This can only be done from a base of knowledge.

Johannesburg is a large, cosmopolitan metropolis – the largest city in South Africa, covering more than 2 000km. It is home to more than 4.4-million people, according to the 2011 Census figures.

The city’s economy reflects strongly successive waves of development and decline, which have seen the city move away from mining and industry towards an economy based on services and trade as well as high-value manufacturing.

It is the leading metropolitan gateway for migrants from other provinces across South Africa as well as international migrants, and as an economic, is the first choice of destination by job seekers.


Some 4.4-million people live in the city
From 2001 to 2011 the city’s population increased by 37%
About 40% of the population is under the age of 25


IsiZulu (23.4%) and English (20, 1%) are the most widely-spoken languages in Joburg


Financial and business services: 22%
Manufacturing: 20%
Trade: 19%
Community and social services: 18%
Construction: 8%
Transport and communications: 6%
Public administration: 5%


  • The JDA has implemented capital projects to the value of R7.8-billion over 12 years, to June 2013
  • R3.1-billion (40%) was funded by the City of Johannesburg and R4.7-billion was funded through intergovernmental grants for transport, neighbourhood development , 2010 projects, and urban settlement development
  • For every R1-million invested by the JDA, private investors have put R18-million into the inner city of Johannesburg since 2001
  • Since 2007/08, the JDA has created property assets valued at R0.6-billion and infrastructure assets valued at R3.1-billion, including the Fashion Kapitol, BRT routes and stations, Vilakazi Street, the Nasrec transit hub, the Bus Factory, the Metro Link building and Chancellor House
  • Over the past five year, the JDA has spent R0.8-billion on work in the inner city, including refurbishing 12 parks and five public squares

Information from Census 2011, Statistics South Africa 2012 report, City of Johannesburg Integrated Development Plan and JDA figures.

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