1.    Basic information
1.1.    Date of the incident: 14 October 2015 at approximately 15h25
1.2.     Deceased: 2 persons died during the incident
1.3.    Injured: 19 persons were injured and 3 are still critical in Hospital, 9 were discharged, 2 admitted and 5 are in a stable condition.
1.4.    Parties involved: Client is the City of Johannesburg and the Johannesburg Development Agency indicated that they have appointed Royal HaskoningDHV as an agent.
Murray & Roberts as the principal contractor and the supplier of material involved in an incident is Formscaff.

Details of the investigation
Matter was reported to Bramley Police Station and is being investigated. The department of Labour first visited the place of scene on the 14 October 2015.


The Department of Labour after the incident was reported visited the place where the incident took place. During our visit it transpired that Murray & Roberts were awarded a contract to commence construction of the Grayston Drive  Pedestrian and cyclist structural  bridge and they commenced the construction on the 29 January 2015 and were still continuing when the incident occurred.

It was indicated that Murray & Roberts acquired materials and the design  for the construction of the temporary bridge from Formscaff.  The construction of the temporary brisge was done by Murray & Roberts using design drawings by Formscaff. At the time of collapse it transpired that the installation of the Kwik stage design was not yet completed, however, the traffic was already traversing under the structure.


In terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act we the Department of Labour has a responsibility to investigate incidents of this nature. In terms of the information gathered the Chief Inspector has taken a decision to conduct a formal inquiry in terms of s32 of OHS. The formal inquiry will focus on the but not limited to the following :
•    The responsibility of the client in terms of construction regulations
•    Responsibility of the principal constructor in terms of the construction regulations and as an employer
•    The responsibility of the agent on behalf of the client in terms of the same regulations.
•    Supplier of materials
•    design

The Department will advise when it will start the formal inquiry.