EXCITING changes have cropped up ahead of the prestigious Halala Joburg Awards nomination deadline, as projects that were up and running by the end of January 2010 will now be included.
Investors and developers who have completed their projects and have them operational can now be nominated for this inner city honour. The deadline is 19 March.

The awards’ organisers say: “Halala Joburg Awards nominations [have been] extended to include all projects operational by January 2010, giving you [prospective nominees] the opportunity to nominate your choice of new inner city projects.”

Nominations opened on 11 February, managed by the Johannesburg Development Agency. Any individual or project that has made a significant contribution to the regeneration of the inner city may be nominated.

Joanne Millan, the head of research at Thabisa Consulting, the project managers of the awards, says this will benefit and include big projects that were left out under the previous criteria.

Even though these projects will not have been operational for long, she says, the adjudicators are capable of judging their sustainability.

For more information on the criteria for nominations, click here