Integrated residential areas, an effective transport system and homes close to work are all objectives for the City’s Corridors of Freedom initiative, aiming to bring opportunities to all.

The Corridors of Freedom will ensure a free and united Johannesburg, says the Executive Mayor for the City, Councillor Mpho Parks Tau. He was responding to questions during the Council debate at the State of the City Address on 10 May 2013.

In his address, he said the corridors would change the City’s entrenched settlement patterns, characterised by urban sprawl and uncontrolled low-density development on the city fringes. The corridors would encourage high-density developments, and mixed-use developments with residential space and office accommodation, and retail, leisure and recreational opportunities.

These corridors would also offer an effective and affordable public transport system for residents to travel short distances between home and work, cutting down on costs and travel time.

Schools, clinics and community facilities would be close to residences and work places, so children living in the same area would attend the same schools together. Leisure and recreational facilities would also be integrated, leading to greater social interaction between people sharing the same spaces.

This would result in social and cultural interaction and help to break down barriers built by apartheid segregation policies.

Joburg would then become a model City where all its residents would have equal access and prosperity; a city where all could access their true potential, irrespective of race and gender.

The Executive Mayor took the opportunity to thank the City’s administration, led by the City Manager, Trevor Fowler. He also paid tribute to his mother and his wife, and wished the City’s mothers a Happy Mothers’ Day for 12 May.