ABOUT 100 low cost houses are earmarked for Alexandra’s newest suburb, Centenary Village, to be built by the end of the year.

They will be built as part of commemorating the township’s centenary. The project will be spearheaded by the Department of Human settlements.

About 47 houses will be built in Tsutsumani, on the far eastern bank of the Jukskei River, while the rest will be built in Marlboro, next to the Gautrain station. The Tsutsumani houses will be built off Vincent Tshabalala Road in the heart of Joburg’s oldest black settlement.

According to the Greater Alexandra Development Forum, the houses will be allocated to the “oldest residents” of the township.

Treasurer of the organisation Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane says the lack of urban density led to building the houses on two separate sites. “We would have loved to have built on one site but it was just impossible,” she says.

In addition to the 100 houses, the provincial government will mark the Alexandra centenary by planting about 100 indigenous trees in the township.

Chairman of the Alexandra Centenary and Heritage Association Obed Bapela says every school in Alexandra will get two centenary trees, as will some churches, old age homes, clinics, parks and stadiums.

The trees will be distributed and planted from Friday, 21 September – Heritage Day – which will be celebrated with a carnival, starting in Sandton.

The township of Alexandra, a freehold terrain since 1912, turns 100 years this year. The Greater Alexandra Chamber of Commerce and Industry has spearheaded Alex 100 to celebrate the milestone.

The project aims to create jobs, promote enterprise development, expand tourism through the preservation of historical heritage, foster socio-economic growth and improve environmental awareness.

“It is important that the Alex community should have ownership of the Alex 100 brand and of the centenary celebrations,” says the chamber, which has signed a memorandum of understanding with the City for it to be the custodian of the centenary celebrations.

“The main idea around the centenary celebrations is to focus positive attention on Alex, highlight lifestyles and success stories in Alex and thereby allow Alex to share in some of the commercial and tourism interest currently displayed in Soweto,” says the chamber.

Its work comprises creating a robust business climate in and around Alexandra.

Source: Joburg.org.za