The City of Johannesburg (CoJ), in collaboration with the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), is undertaking the compilation of a new Urban Development Framework (UDF) for the Zandspruit area. The Zandspruit UDF is a review of the 2008 UDF and aims to achieve a holistic vision and plan for sustainable human settlements and will be adopted as a CoJ policy once approved by Council.

The Zandspruit Study Area is located within Administrative Region C of the CoJ Metropolitan Municipality and is situated on the north-western boundary of the City, to the immediate north of Roodepoort and south of Cosmo City. The Spatial Development Framework of the CoJ has identified the Zandspruit informal settlement as a Category 2 Deprivation Area based on the fact that it displays a fragmented suburban structure, variable degrees of connectivity at a local and regional scale and is located a significant distance from economic centres, but within range to reasonably access opportunities on a daily basis.

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