The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), the infrastructure arm of the City of Johannesburg, announces the commencement of the procurement process for a new contractor for the Watt Street Public Environment (PEU) Project. This decision follows the termination of the main contractor due to poor performance.

Located in the Wynberg area, the Watt Street Precinct serves as a pivotal space transitioning from an industrial hub to a mixed-use node. Its strategic position between Alexandra Township and Sandton facilitates a daily foot traffic of approximately 10,000 individuals.

The Watt PEU Project is designed to elevate the street infrastructure to a level where it caters to diverse users, prioritising pedestrian experience and enhancing public space. The objectives of the project encompass easing mobility, upgrading infrastructural services, improving area legibility, addressing critical public safety concerns, and fostering adaptable public spaces.