Notice and Invitation to Guarantee Brokers to Register on the Johannesburg Development Agency (Pty) Ltd Database

The Johannesburg Development Agency (Pty) Ltd (JDA) hereby invites Guarantee Brokers to apply to be accredited and registered on the JDA Database for the provision of construction guarantees to construction companies as and when required. Guarantee Brokers are hereby invited to respond by submitting certified copies of their company registration documents, their Financial Services Conduct Authority issued licenses and certified copies of at least one Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Agreement with an Underwriting Management Agency authorized to underwrite on behalf of an insurer or insurer registered with the Registrar of Short-Term Insurance in terms of the Short-Term Insurance Act of 1998 (No.53).

The Brokers must be licensed by the Registrar of Financial Services Providers in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act of 2002 (No. 37) to be considered onto the database.

The documents should be submitted electronically to The submission of the application to the JDA does not in any manner imply nor confirm any right to issue guarantees to the JDA contractors.

For further information, contact Claudia Mahlaule, e-mail:

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