2013 – Received Tenders & Quotations

Contract NumberBid Description – (Goods / Services)Tender Opening
JDA 046.04.02 \CN036Westgate 3/ OHS24-10-2013
JDA 046.04.02 \CN036Internal Audit / AS00120-10-2013
African Hub09-06-2013
JDA \CN360Traffic and Civil Engineering Services Rea Vaya BRT Section 917-10-2013
JDA 046.04.02 \CN036Ingonyama Link Road Phase 224-10-2013
Rea Vaya BRT – Phase 1A NMT Implementation: CIB19-07-2013
CN001 – CN007Randburg24-07-2013
CN002Design & Implementation of Cycle lane & Side Walks08-08-2013
CN002Archiving Solutions19-08-2013
Inner City Public Places Challenges (Round 2)12-08-2013
African Food29-07-2013
Westgate Phase 3 Contractor31-07-2013
CN001Consortium of Professionals: COJ/OC31-07-2013
Cosmo City Fire Station09-12-2013
JDA\CN 341Construction of Kaalfontein Complete Streets – Phase 231-07-2013
JDA OHS Service Providers09-06-2013
Nancefield Transit Oriented Development Planning, Design and Management09-02-2013
Jabulani Node09-02-2013
CN043, CN042Urban Design & Architects31-07-2013
QS CN041QS CN04131-07-2013
JDA 051.7.1, CN040, CN045, CN044, CN041 QSOrlando East Project29-08-2013\CN 244Quantity Surveyors – Avalon, City & Alex Depots23-08-2013 243Project Managers – Avalon, City & Alex Depots23-08-2013\CN 327BRT Phase / A NMT Implementation28-08-2013 & Implementation of NMT – BRT Stations Precincts23-08-2013
Inner City Public Places Challenges (Round 2)08-12-2013
CN002The Demolition of the Keserne Building31-07-2013
Alexandra Automotive – Marlboro Automotive19-07-2013
Microsoft Volume Licensing30-09-2013
Kliptown Public Environment Upgrade30-09-2013
Job Evaluation & Salary Benchmarking27-09-2013
CN013, CN014Design and Implementation Public Transport and Pedestrian Facility at Campus Square16-10-2013
CN002Demoliition in Bertrams Priority Blocks16-10-2013
CN007, QS CN008,  CN009,  CN010, CN011, CN012,COJ Health Capex Programme10-01-2013
CN008, CN009Langlaagte to the UJ Kingsway Campus NMT16-10-2013
JDA 072.2.4\CN012Jabulani Transit – Oriented Development16-10-2013
CN006, CN007Hilbow to Park Station16-10-2013
OHS 006, CN 007, CN 005Social Development Programme16-10-2013
JDA 046.04.02 \CN036Ingonyama Link Road Phase 224-10-2013
JDA 046.04.02 \CN036Westgate 3/ OHS24-10-2014
CN002COJ Intelligent Operatins Centre24-10-2014
JDA 046.04.02 \CN036Internal Audit / AS00124-10-2014
CN349 15A, CN350 15B, CN351 15C, CN352 15DRea Vaya Bus Rapid Transport System Phase 1C11-11-2013
CN365, CN364, CN366, CN376BRT Infastructure Land Acquisition11-07-2013
Job Evaluation and Benchmarking11-04-2013
CN015, CN016, CN017, CN018, CN019Basothong & Mavumbi Rea Vaya BRT Station Precinct14-11-2013
JDA FM001/2013Provision of Hygiene Services for the Bus Factory14-11-2013
JDA156.2.2Sol Plaatjiie Area Internal Roads & Stormwater12-05-2013
JDA 004Social Development Programme for Electrical & Mechanical Engineers22-11-2013
JDA Engineers (TIA) Phase 1 C22-11-2013
NMT Alexandra Automotive – CPC09-12-2013
Mpumelelo Clinic19-07-2013
Cosmo City Fire Station19-07-2013
Nancefield Transit Oriented Development Phase 210-12-2013
Reya Va BRT – Phase 1 NMT19-07-2013
JDA MARKCE 001/2014Community Engagement Services for Corridors of Freedom06-02-2013
Hilbrow Tower29-07-2013
HC CN/001, HC CN/002, HC CN\003, HC CN/005 , HC CN/004Alexandra Heritage Centre for Professionals07-03-2013
Rea Vaya BRT Phase 1G, Section 15 work package 15H. The Big Walk & Alex Spur04-03-2013
CN001, CN002, CN003NMT Basothong & Mavumbi BRT Precincts JDA 039D.1.231-07-2013