2014 – Received Tenders & Quotations

Contract NumberBid Description – (Goods / Services)Tender Opening
Construction of New Accommodation Unit at Drug & Rehabilitation Centre, Holding 8 Golden Harvest Randburg18-08-2014
JDA069R.4.1\CN013The Construction of Orchards Clinic19-12-2014
Ikage Housing12-12-2014
Pre- Qual Wesbury Precinct NMT Implementation Pedestrian Bridge12-12-2014
Rea Vaya Phase 1C Sandton Loop09-12-2014
4th Avenue and Thoko Mngoma Clinics09-12-2014
Alexandra Maputo Park Project Landscape Architects / Urban Designer
Alexandra Juskei River Projects / Civil Engineer
Inner City Commuter Links Public Environment Upgrade Phase 5 to 708-12-2012
ICC/CN006eInner City Core Precinct Public Environment Upgrade Phase 1-326-11-2014
JDA051.8.2\CN054Orlando East Oriented Development Phase 117-11-2012
JDA199.03.2.2\CN011Pre qualification of Contractors for the Randburg Precinct Public Environment & Bulk Infrastructure Upgreade08-12-2014
JDA PS 004/2014Heritage Study for Turfontein, Louis Botha and Empire Perth Corridors05-12-2014
JDA185.4.2\CN031Nancefield Transit Oriented Development19-11-2014
JDA010.17.3\CN285Prequal – of Contractor for the Update of the Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication in Kliptown21-11-2014
Wesbury Transformation Development Centre Professional for Planning, Design & Implementation17-11-2014
JDA046.5.2\CN055Ingonyama Link Road Extension: Phase 327-10-2014
Piling Bulk Earthworks & Lateral Support to Kazerne Transit Oriented Development
Budget Submission
Corridors of Freedom – Wesbury Clinic
Corridors of Freedom – Esselen Clinic
JDA038.3.1.02\CN437The Rea Vaya BRT Section 9 (Sandton to Randburg)10-11-2014
JDA038.17.2\CN435Built Environment Professionals05-11-2014
Privision of Space Planning Services for JDA Bus Factory07-11-2014
PM:JDA CN\001Design & Manage The Implementation of the COJ Health Capex Programme B07-11-2014
NMT – Hillbrow to Parkstation – CPC
NMT – Langlaagte to UJ -CPC
039D16.1\CN043Wesbury Precinct: NMT Implementation Phase 203-11-2014
CN001Construction Of New  Libraries
OHS CN007Randburg Precinct Upgrade20-10-2014
JDA038.2.5.01\CN393BRT Phase 1C – Contractor04-11-2014
JDA038.17.2\CN435Built Environment Professionals05-11-2014
Phase 1A NMT (Feeder Routes) Urban Designer30-09-2014
BigWalk NMT Infrastructure (15I) BRT17-10-2014
JDA038.3.12.2\425Rea Vaya BRT Phase 1 C Station Precincts30-09-2014
JDA038.3.14.2\CN419Ghandi Square Interchange – Greenstone Terminal and Emthonjeni Terminal02-10-2014
JDA Hardware 001\2014Hardware Tender – Panel of Service Providers23-10-2014
JDA072.3.2\CN019Jabulani Transit Oriented Development -Phase 213-10-2014
JDA069L.2.1\CN008Construction of River Park Clinic at River Park06-10-2014
Phase 1A NMT (Feeder Routes) Urban Designer30-09-2014
JDA038.3.12.2\425Rea Vaya BRT Phase 1 C Station Precincts30-09-2014
JDA039D.13.1\CN029Construction of Non – Motorised Transport Infrastructure at Mofolo Central, Dube & Orlando West in Soweto15-09-2014
Inner City Housing Strategy10-08-2014
Resurfacing of Athletics Track at Ruisig Stadium10-08-2014
Qualification for piling, Bulk Earthworks and Lateral Support to Kazerne Transit Oriented DevelopmentError
Wet Services for KazerneError
CN001Museum Africa / JAG08-09-2014
Construction of Ennerdale Clinic at Tralite Street Ennerdale Extension 809-09-2014
Jabulani TOD Stormwater08-09-2014
Alex Heritage Centre08-09-2014
CN001, CN002 ,CN003, CN004Westgate Depot29-08-2014
JDA051.7/CN246Orlando East / Noordgesig OHS29-08-2014
JDAFM004/2014Pest Control28-08-2014
Patterson Park Recreational Centre and Sports Facility22-08-2014
JDA051.7/CN246Orlando East / Noordgesig OHSError
JDAFM004/2014Pest ControlError
 Patterson Park Recreational Centre and Sports Facility22-08-2014
JDA01 /001/2014Public Art Specialists to Curate and Coordinate a Component of JDA Public Art ProgrammeError
JDA156AConstruction of Sol Plaatjie Area 3 Road & Storm WaterError
JDA01 /001/2014
JDA DI002/2014/2014
Public Art Specialists to Curate and Coordinate a Component of JDA Public Art Programme14-08-2014
NMT – Park Station to Doornfontein Cycle Lane13-08-2014
JDA038.2.6.02\CN400Civil Engineering Services for the Rehabilitation of Rea Vaya BRT Section 1BKlipspruit Valley Road Link11-08-2014
JDA038.3.6.2\CN0399Rea Vaya BRT Phase 1C – Watt Interchange Terminal08-08-2014
JDA Booysen s Bus Layover – Buildings Construction25-07-2014
BRT Sandton Loop
NMT Wesbury18-07-2014
CN001Rotunda Park Precinct Project17-7-2014
CN001Kliptown Public Environment Upgrade16-07-2014
CN002, CN001, CN007Karzene03-04-2014
JDA038.3.6.1\CN394Rea Vaya BRT Section 15 Workage 15I – Civil Contractor14-07-2014
BRT Section 15 Workage 15 E07-07-2014
Pre – Qualification to Existing Rea Vaya BRT Stations05-05-2014
Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transport System Section 217-06-2014
CN002Archiving Solutions19-08-2014
Development of and Intergrated Marketing & Communications Strategy03-07-2014 & Implementation of NMT – BRT Stations Precincts23-08-2014
Inner City Public Places Challenges (Round 2)12-08-2013
CN002Design & Implementation of Cycle lane & Side Walks08-08-2013
CN001Consortium of Professionals: COJ/OC13-09-2013
Westgate Phase 3 Contractor Westgate Structural23-09-2014
CN007, CN007COJ Health Capex Programme10-01-2013
CN002Demoliition in Bertrams Priority Blocks16-10-2013
CN013, CN014, CN008Design and Implementation Public Transport and Pedestrian Facility at Campus Square16-10-2013
CN006, CN007Hillbrow to Park Station16-10-2013
JDA 072.2.4\CN012Jabulani Transit – Oriented Development17-10-2013
COJ Intelligent Operations CentreError
N008, N009Langlaagte to the UJ Kingsway Campus NMT16-10-2013
Job evaluation and benchmarkingError
039D.2.1\ CN016
NMT – Basothong & Mavumbi
NMT – Lakeview & Klipspruit
NMT – Lakeview & Klipspruit
NMT – Boomtown Orlando
NMT – Noordgesig / Diepkloof
Pre-qualification for Cycle Lanes
Implementation of Cycle Lanes
JDA MARKCE 001/2014Community Engagement Services for Corridors of Freedom06-02-2014
Implementation of Cycle Lanes & Pedestrians Walkways; Wits University to Park Station24-012014
Bruma Project Management17-02-2014
Hillbrow TowerError
Rea Vaya BRT Phase 1G, Section 15 work package 15H. The Big Walk & Alex Spur04-03-2014
Alexandra Heritage Centre for ProfessionalsError
Lift Maintenance29-05-2014
BRT Phase 1B Stations Precinct NMTError
Bambanani Industrial Park19-07-2013
Reya Va BRT – Phase 1 NMT : CIB19-07-2013
JDA073.001.02/CN011The Construction of Inner City Public Places Challenge Round 220-05-2014
COE/JDA/001Tender for Mechanical , Electrical & fire Installations at the Centre of Excellence Johannesburg City Library20-05-2014
Pre – Qualification for New Rea Vaya BRT Stations on Section 8 & 1523-04-2014
Pre – Qualification to Existing Rea Vaya BRT Stations05-05-2014
Construction Works for the: Rehabilitation of Bruma Lake JDA 066.03\CN00223-04-2014
Pre – Qualification for New Rea Vaya BRT Civil Contractor23-04-2014
JDA 069K.1.2\CN005The Refurbishment & Construction at Halfway House Clinic26-02-2013
CN003, CN002, CN001Centre of Excellence
Design and Implementation of the Rea Vaya; PHASE 1C14-04-2014
Pre – Qualification for New Rea Vaya BRT Stations on Section 8 & 1522-04-2014
JDA038.3.5.01\CN378Alexandra Public Environment Upgrade ; Phase 107-04-2014
JDA038.3.5.01\CN378PRE QUALIFICATION: Retrofit Works to Existing Rea Vaya BRT Stations03-04-2014
JDA039D.10.1\CN021Wesbury Precinct02-04-2014
CN003, CN002, CN001Centre of Excellence26-02-2013
Provision for Air – Conditioning Services for JDA Offices17-02-2014
Water Coolers & Purified Water ServicesError