2015 – Received Tenders & Quotations

Contract NumberBid Description – (Goods / Services)Tender Opening
CN001,002,003,004,005,006COJ Health Capex Programme C: Ebony & Florida27-11-2015
JDA010C.1.1/CN010Kliptown Development Programme – Phase 202-12-2015
JDA3845.1/CN002NMT – Auckland Park Precinct Phase 1 – Contractor07-12-2015
Construction of Randburg Public Environment Upgrade18-12-2015
Construction of New Community Library in Lehae10-12-2015
Paterson Park Culvert Stream Upgrade23-11-2015
JDA 07IL.2.1\CN004Construction of Rabie Ridge Community Centres Sports Fields Upgrades: COMDEV (Managing Contractor)06-11-2015
JDA 087A.2.2\CN008Construction of the New 4th Avenue Clinic, Alexandra02-11-2015
JDA PS001\2015Alexandra Urban Development Framework30-10-2015
Drieziek Ext 3 & 5 – Internal Road & Services28-10-2015
Vincent Tshabalala Pedestrian Bridge – Alexandra Renewal Projects21-10-2015
JDA071G.02.02\CN016Upgrade of Outdoor Court & Stormwater Requirements at Paterson Park16-09-2015
Development of a Human Framework for JDA19-10-2015
JDA FM 007A/2015Provision of Carpentry Services25-08-2015
JDA087H.2.2\CN008The Reburbishment & Upgrade of the Thoko Mngoma Clinic12-10-2015
JDA069S.1.2\CN007The Reburbishment & Upgrade of the Langlaagte Pharmacy Deport11-09-2015
JDA185.5.2\CN035The Construction for Nancefield Transit Oriented Development Phase 406-10-2015
JDAFM 009/2015Provision of Security Services for JDA at Bus Factory and Chancellor House06-10-2015
Golden Harvest Drug & Rehabilitation Center, Phase 2 Holding, 8 Golden Harvest, Randburg21-09-2015
JDA CN001,002,003,004,005,006,007Noordgesig Social Cluster Projects09-09-2015
Nick Toomey & Stormwater from Sol Plaatjie Township to Braamfischerville T/ship25-08-2015
JDA Telephone28-08-2015
JDA SAN Storage 001/201528-08-2015
JDA Hardware 001/201528-08-2015
JDA Sharepoint 001/201528-08-2015
JDA Karzene/ CN002Karzene Transit Oriented Development ( TOD)17-08-2015
DA039D.16.2/CN059Drieziek Public Transport Facility04-08-2015
Internal Audit, Risk Management & Compliance Software14-08-2015
JDA039D.14.02/ CN053NMT – Auckland Park Precinct Non-Motorised Transpor04-08-2015
JDA039D.15.2/CN056NMT – Rosebank Non-Motorised Transport and Cyclelanes04-08-2015
Construction of the Rea Vaya BRT System Phase 1C
Soft & Hard Landscaping Construction Along Katherine
Soft & Hard Landscaping Construction Along Louis Botha Street
Landscaping Construction Along the Great Walk
Recruitment Services for JDA Employees24-06-2015
Panel of Psychometric Assessment of JDA Employees24-06-2015
BRT Infrastructure – Land Acquisition Consultants24-06-2015
The Construction of Noordgesig Clinic Professionals for Planning – Design and implementation23-06-2015
JDA/SCM/MPS/2015Media Placement Services17-06-2015
JDA/SCM/MPS/2015Records Management and Archiving Services17-06-2015
JDA071E.1.002\CN003Upgrade of Union Stadium Contractor08-06-2015
JDA071E.1.002\CN003Cosmo City OHS10-06-2015
JDA081.2.2\CN014Construction of Cosmo City Fire Station in Cosmo City, Gauteng08-06-2015
Activating The Jozi@work Policy With a Funding Model to Support Incubators
Incubator Model to Grow Local CBO/ Coorporatives into Sustainable Business
CN471Alexandra Public Environment Upgrade & NMTLink : Phase 312-06-2015
JDA038.3.6.2/CN0021Design and Implementation of Linear Markets in Alexandra and Ivory Park27-05-2015
JDA038.3.6.3/CPCDesign and Implementation of Maputo Park CPC21-05-2015
JDA038.3.6.2/CN0028Design and Implementation of Maputo Park Landscape Architects21-05-2015
JDASPDF-001\2015Request for Professionals from Experienced Professional Research Team to Undertake a
Socio -Economic & Informal Accommodation Audit of the City of Johannesburg
JDA039D.10.1/CN048Wesbury Precinct : NMT Implementation – Pedestrian Bridge19-05-2015
JDA055.3.2 – ContractorInner City Core Precinct Public Environment Upgrade23-04-2015
Kliptown Development Programme – CPC12-05-2015
JDA038.3.5.01/CN381New Rea – Vaya BRT Stations on Section 8 & 1504-05-2015
Inner city Commuter Links – Main Contractor – ICCL-Phase 5 & 604-05-2015
City of Ramallah in Palestine Monumental Bronze Statue30-04-2015
JDA071.2.02\CN011The Upgrade of Johannesburg Art Gallery & Museum Africa20-04-2015
Employee Climate Survey15-04-2015
Upgrade & Refurbishment of the Paterson Park Recreational Centre16-04-2015
Contractor for the Upgrade for Bosmont16-04-2015
JDA risk 001/2015Internal Audit Risk Management & Compliance Software07-04-2015
JDA038.3.6.2\CN689Alex BRT Terminal Earthworks, Lateral Support & Piling Work Package: 15G07-04-2015
Provision of Backup & Disaster Recovery Services01-04-2015
JDA038.1.10.1\CN462Phase 1A Feeder Routes26-03-2015
JDA078.2.2\CN19Hillbrow Tower Precinct Public Environment Upgrade27-03-2015
Provision of Integrated Internet Services01-04-2015
The Upgrade to Museum Africa01-04-2015
JDA038.3.6.2-CN022Alexandra & Ivory Park Linear Markets24-03-2015
JDA076.2.3-CN017The Construction of the Alexandra Automotive Industrial Park18-03-2015
JDA\CN461Proposals for Phase 1B Route 2 the Construction of Pedestrian Walkways16-03-2015
JDA\CN008Rotunda Park Precinct Projects Turfontein16-03-2015
JDA038.3.13.2\CN395Phase 1 Sandton Loop ( Contractor)10-03-2015
JDA MRKCE001-2015Community Engagement for the Naming & Branding of the Corridors of Freedom05-03-2015
JDA TIA-CN001London Road Traffic Impact Assessment06-03-2015
JDAPS002/2015Project Management of Public Art Programme for the Johannesburg Development Agency (SOC) Limited05-03-2015
JDA9.03.2.2\CN011Provisional Bill of Quantities for the Randburg Precinct Public Upgrade & Bulk Infrustructure Upgrade24-02-2015
JDA039.12.1\CN050NMT: Design & Implementation of Park Station to Doornfontein Cycle Lanes & Pedestrian Walkways- Smit & Wolmarans Street23-02-2015
JDA010.17.3\CN285Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication in Kliptown19-02-2015
JDARuimsig ATH/CN001Proposal for Resurfacing of the Athletics Tracks at Ruimsig Athletics Stadium Design, Supply20-02-2015
Innercity Commuter Link – Mechanical Engineer16-02-2015
Pre Qualification for Contractor Inner City Core Precinct Public Environment Upgrade16-02-2015
JDA038.3.6.2\CN455Rea Vaya BRT Watt Interchange Terminal30-01-2015
RTTS/CN007Community Participation Consultants for Wesbury Precinct NMT Pedestrian Bridge15-01-2015
RTTS/CN007Randburg CBD Traffic & Transportation Study15-01-2015
JDA038.3.6.1\CN452Alexandra Public Environment Upgrade – Phase 214-01-2015
JDAFM007\2015Provision of Carpentry Services27-01-2015