2019 – Received Tenders & Quotations

Contract NumberBid Description – (Goods / Services)Tender Opening
DF/CPC0038/2019Rfp – Orlando East Spatial Framework Review And Implementation13 December 2019
PS/PC0040/2019/20Pennyville Precinct Development Programme – Appointment Of A Consortium Of Professionals Comprising Of Town Planning / Architects & Urban Design / Community Partiticpation Consultants12 December 2019
LTOD/CN006Construction of Lenasia CBD Transit Oriented Development09 December 2019
DF/PC0036/2019/20RFP – Sunninghill Public Transport Facilities – Professional Consultants09 December 2019
DF/CPC0034/2019/20RFP – Sandton Public Transport Facilities – CPC09 December 2019
DF/TWPLN0035/2019/20RFP – Sandton Public Transport Facilities – Town Planner09 December 2019
JDAPS/ICSM0043/2019/20Urban Planning Researcher – Inner City Spatial Model – Phae 1 – Scope Defintion06 December 2019
Rfq – A Multiple Disciplinary Team For The Sectional Title Pilot Programme Structural Assessment06 December 2019
DF.LANDS0031.2019Panel Of Professional Service Providers For Land Surveyors02 December 2019
JDA CSE001/2019Panel Of Civil And Structural Engineers
DF.UP0029.2019Panel Of Professional Service Providers For Urban Planners29 November 2019
DF.CIVIL0026.2019Vrededorp.pageview Revitalisation And Programme For Civil Engineering Consultants29 November 2019
DF.PM0030.2019Panel Of Professional Service Providers For Project Management Specialist29 November 2019
JDA CENTRAL_FS/CN008Appointment Of Central Fire Station Main Contractor22 November 2019
JDA/NID/2019A Multiple Disciplinary Team For The Revision And Compilation Of The Newtown Improvement District Area Based Management Plan21 November 2019
Transport Specialist Panel19 November 2019
JDA PS-ED 001Consortium Of Professionals- Developing An Ecodistricts Methodology11 November 2019
PTF CN008Pre-Qualification of Contractors: Construction of Orange Farm: Vlakfontein Public Transport Facility30 October 2019
JDA DF/0027/2019/20Prepare A Feasibility Study For The Introduction Of An Integrated Corridor Management Approach For The Diepsloot-fourways-randburg Central Business District-sunninghill-sandton Corridor In The City Of Johannesburg29 October 2019
Prepare A Feasibility Study For The The Introduction Of Icm Approach.Diepsloot.Fourways.Randburg29 October 2019
DF/0024/20191/20RFP Vrededorp/pageview Revitalisation Projects And Programme – Community Participation Consultants29 October 2019
DF/0023/2019/20RFP Vrededorp/pageview Revitalisation Projects And Programme – Architects/urban Designer And Heritage Architect Specialist29 October 2019
Jda Ps-ed 001RFP – Consortium Of Professionals Developing An Ecodistricts Methodology25 October 2019
JDA 19.2.2.B.7104Construction of Alexandar Hospice21 October 2019
Prequalification for the Construction of Roodepoort CBD TOD
Main Contractor
14 October 2019
Electrical Engineer: Inner City Ranks / CN005

Transport Engineer: Inner City Ranks / CN004

Appointment Of Transport Engineer/Electrical Engineer For Inner City Ranks14 October 2019
JDA/NID/2019Rfq: A Multiple Disciplinary Team For The Revision And Compilation Of The Newtown Improvement District Area Based Management Plan08 October 2019
JDA/HIGHCOURT/2019Rfq-urban Planner For The Revision And Compilation Of The High Court Precinct Assessment And Recommendations08 October 2019
JDA/IA/2019/20Project Management Process Review02 October 2019
Electrical Engineers /CN006Balfour Park Precinct19 September 2019
Panel of Architects for the JDA11 September 2019
JDA/001/REC/2019Rfq: For Hiring 1 X Temp Receptionist For Five Months11 September 2019
JDA/002/BIRDPROOFING/2019Supply, Install & Maintenance Of Birdproofing Materialo6 September 2019
ICT – MIMECAST/2019Supply, Install And Maintenance Of Mimecast Serviceso3 September 2019
ComDev/2018/MUSPMinor upgrade of swimming pools19 August 2019
ICT/GPSUPPORT/001/2019Provision Of Great Plains Support Services For 12 Months02 August 2019
DF 00015/2019/20Statutory Town Planning Services For Constitutional Hill Township – Ext 2 And 3.31 July 2019
Df00015/2019/20Rfp – Panel Of Statutory Town Planning Services For Constitutional Hill Township Ext 2 & 331 July 2019
Construction of Heritage Landscape HLP/00124 July 2019
ARC_REVIEW/CS001 ARC_REVIEW/CS002Received Bids Request For Proposal For Independent Project Review22 July 2019
JDA RECRUITMENTPanel Of Service Providers For The Recruitment Services22 July 2019
Panel Of Service Providers For Recruitment Services: JDA Recruitment22 July 2019
JDA/HYGIENE/2019Provision Of Hygiene Services For The Bus Factory19 July 2019
JDA/EAP/2019Employee Assistance Pogramme Services12 July 2019
JDA/BKUP/2019Backup Services01 July 2019
JDA/SCM/ARMS/2019Archiving & Records Management Services10 June 2019
Turnkey Implementation of ITS Redundancy Loop: Rea Vaya Bus Phase 1C20 May 2019
RFP: Cobit5 Maturity Assessment12 April 2019
Eastern Gateway Precinct – Civil Engineers8 April 2019
Eastern Gateway Precinct – Project Managers8 April 2019
Eastern Gateway Precinct – PEU Phase 28 April 2019
JDA OCOB TA /CN000Our City Our Block Prequalification of bidders for Main Contractor04 April 2019
Greenside Upgrade of Two Intersection Including Installation of Traffic Signals27 March 2019
Construction of BRT Greenstone25 March 2019
JDA/SocDev/001/19 Bertrams Skills Centre: Doornfontein (Region F) and Orange Grove Social Development: Louis Botha (Region E): Consortium of Engineers19 March 2019
Orange Farm, Emdeni/Zola Zakariya Park Public Transport Facility25 February 2019
OCOB 006/OHSOur City Our Block OHS Consultant21 February 2019
JDA ICT BMCM AFC 001Design, Build and maintenance of Bus Monitoring & Contract Management System for Rea Vaya.05 February 2019
Professional Services, Organisational Records Management – Designing and Implementation of Document and Management Solution31 January 2019
Construction Of Braamfischerville Ext.12 Internal Roads And Storm Water 18 January 2019