The Johannesburg Development Agency would like to inform the public and other stakeholders, as required by the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, No.56 of 2003 (MFMA), of the intension of the Johannesburg Development Agency to amend contracts of professional teams procured through its supply chain management policy.

Section 116 (3) of the MFMA requires that a contract or agreement procured through the supply chain management policy of the municipality or municipal entity, be amended or extended by the parties under certain circumstances, thus only after: –

  1. The reasons for the proposed amendment have been tabled in the council of the municipality or, in the case of a municipal entity, in the council of its parent municipality; and
  2. The local community –
  • having been given reasonable notice of intention to amend the contract or agreement; and
  • having been invited to submit representations to the municipality or municipal entity.

116 Notifications