​Every municipality in South Africa is required to produce an Integrated Development Plan, in which the city’s future is mapped over the short, medium and long term. Issues that are considered include spatial planning, disaster management, finances, performance targets and economic development.

“A Joburg that works, is a South Africa that works”

Five Growth and Development Outcomes

  1. A growing, diverse and competitive economy that creates jobs
  2. An inclusive society with enhanced quality of life that provides meaningful redress through propoor development
  3. Enhanced, quality services and sustainable environmental practices
  4. Caring, safe and secure communities
  5. An honest, transparent and responsive local government that prides itself on service excellence

Nine Strategic Priorities

  1. Promote economic development and attract investment towards achieving 5% economic growth that reduces unemployment by 2021.
  2. Ensure pro-poor development that addresses inequality and poverty and provides meaningful redress.
  3. Create a culture of enhanced service delivery with pride.
  4. Create a sense of security through improved public safety.
  5. Create an honest and transparent City that fights corruption.
  6. Create a City that responds to the needs of citizens, customers, stakeholders and businesses.
  7. Enhance our financial sustainability.
  8. Encourage innovation and efficiency through the Smart City programme.
  9. Preserve our resources for future generations.

For more information visit The City of Joburg Website

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