The Halala Joburg Awards

Halala Awards

Acknowledging Joburg’s regeneration inspiration

Joburg’s rejuvenation and regeneration is happening. Its Inner City combines work, living and play - each developing in their own right. Yet it is thanks to the creativity, talent and commitment of individuals and organisations investment into the City of Gold that is transforming it into a City of Aspiration. An investment destination.

Established in 2008, the Halala Joburg Awards recognise those who have made extraordinary efforts to ensure the development and regeneration of Joburg’s Inner City. Those who have had the courage in their convictions to ensure that it remains a viable investment destination. Those who provide a good quality of life for residents and a dynamic place to relax and work.



This year, the JDA, in partnership with the City of Joburg, are once again awarding this honour to individuals, developments, projects and programmes.

Our vision?

  • To encourage extraordinary effort and foster originality.
  • To recognise exceptional effort that breaks new ground in urban regeneration, thereby advancing sustainable economic growth, community wellbeing and great quality of life for Joburg residents.
  • Recognition of pioneering programmes and innovative projects initiated by audacious thinkers, whose passion has generated new horizons in decaying areas.
  • To encourage participation, equality and inclusivity.
  • Acknowledgement of commitment and dedication to fostering partnerships, initiating joint programmes.
  • To be a catalyst for sustainable development that promotes social harmony.
The Colosseum Award is given in recognition of Joburg inner city conservationThe Colosseum Award is given in recognition of Joburg inner city conservation

The Awards in Focus


2011 Media Room

Speech by acting CEO Thanduxolo Mendrew at the opening of nominations for the 2011 Halala Joburg Awards. click here.