Vision, mission & objectives


The JDA is transforming the face of Johannesburg, promoting growth and development and creating efficient urban environments.


The agency acts as a catalyst for area-based regeneration as well as development of new nodes, investing in infrastructure and urban environment upgrades to encourage private sector investment.

It also works on regenerating areas of the city that are either in decay or declining, in order to enhance their ability to contribute to the development of the city and the quality of life of its residents.


Building a more welcoming, competitive and resilient Johannesburg that is a better city to live, work and play in.


To plan, implement, manage and facilitate area-based developments in efficient, equitable, sustainable and innovative ways


We aim to:

  • Restructure the City by developing defined, strategic geographic areas around the city and the movement corridors that link them.
  • Promote economic growth by creating efficient and competitive business environments that cluster industries and functions in these areas.
  • Turn around declining investment trends in these areas by upgrading public spaces, generating shared visions for future development, and encouraging urban management partnerships.
  • Develop local economic potential in marginalised areas to promote access to jobs and markets.
  • Encourage sustainable energy consumption and land use in the City by developing strategic transit nodes and corridors.
  • Promote economic empowerment through the structuring and procurement of the JDA developments.
  • Support productive development partnerships and co-operation between all stakeholders in these areas.
The Johannesburg Development Agency is building a more welcoming and competitive Johannesburg that is a better City to live, work and play in