Jabulani Node upgrade to build investor confidence

The Jabulani Node includes pedestrian areas, and links Jabulani Mall and the Soweto TheatreThe Jabulani Node includes pedestrian areas, and links Jabulani Mall and the Soweto Theatre

The Jabulani Node Precinct upgrade aims to grow investor confidence in the area by developing its unique identity and rebuilding ailing infrastructure.

The Jabulani Node (along with the Nancefield Station Precinct) is a City of Johannesburg Transit Oriented Development (TOD) project.

jabulani1As with the Nancefield Station Precinct upgrade, the Jabulani Precinct upgrade aims to provide "a restructured space economy that gives poor households better access to well-located accommodation, jobs and markets; optimised land use and energy consumption; and improved living standards and mobility for large numbers of people in well-serviced and managed transit neighbourhoods".

The City of Joburg's vision is to transform the space to include decent housing and social facilities and attract business investment to the area. The Jabulani Node, including pedestrian areas, will link properties such as Jabulani Mall and the Soweto Theatre.

The project aims to:

  • Create a visibly improved public environment in the Jabulani Precinct;
  • Develop a unique identity and showcase the Precinct's potential; and
  • Support investor and public confidence in the area.

The 2013/14 implementation will focus on public environment upgrades. The most important of these are:

  • The Bolani Link Road PEU, which includes a complete street redesign to ease pedestrian and public transport access in the area. The project will also include areas for cyclists and will aim to accommodate all modes of transport.
  • The Nhlanzane Station Link, which includes public environment and infrastructure upgrades to link the Jabulani Precinct with the nearby station.
  • The Cultural Precinct, which involves an amphitheatre upgrade, and a play area and public environment upgrade to support the Soweto Theatre.

The Johannesburg Roads Agency will provide paving and street furniture; City Power will provide lighting and City Parks will provide landscaping and trees.