Transport, greening on JDA’s 2014 development plan

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The JDA has several development programmes in place to address transport infrastructure and inner city regeneration through creating liveable public spaces.

The JDA plan for 2013/14 responds to the ideals of Joburg 2040, the City's Growth and Development Strategy. The agency uses a cross-sectional strategic planning process to bring about developments that will lead to a resilient, liveable, and sustainable urban environment in Johannesburg.

Three functional programmes have been identified within the Sustainable Services Cluster, which will enable the JDA to work efficiently and effectively.

The applicable programmes are:

  • The greenways programme, which focuses on providing resilient and sustainable environments using roads, rivers and transport modes to promote walking, cycling and sustainable public transport. This programme includes the continuous roll-out of the Bus Rapid Transit system infrastructure and service.
  • A transit-orientated node development programme, which encourages optimal development of transit hubs and corridors across the city. These provide access to affordable accommodation and transport, high quality public spaces, and amenities and good community services.
  • An inner-city regeneration programme, which is part of the JDA’s continuous upgrading focus. Within this programme there are elements of transit orientated nodes and corridor development as well as precinct upgrades.


The JDA will initiate public environment upgrades in Diepsloot, Kliptown and Sol Plaatjie to attract investment and business opportunities. Our business plan for 2013/14 prioritises developing these strategic nodes in marginalised areas. Read more >>