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Given the issues and opportunities affecting the High Street precinct within the context of the Inner City, the regeneration initiative would be expected to achieve the following outcomes.
  • reversal of social, economic, and physical decline confronting the High Street;
  • increased participation of the local community in the development and management of the High Street;
  • an urban environment that affords the retainment of existing private-sector investment and is attractive to new investment;
  • support of the development and growth of SMMEs in the High Street area and new economic opportunities;
  • highest and best use of properties and re-use of decaying buildings, coupled with increased property values and increased rates and taxes;
  • a well-managed High Street characterised by strict by-law enforcement and zero tolerance of illegal use of properties and criminal activities, improved service delivery and a well-maintained public environment; and
  • increased employment opportunities, especially for the local community.


To achieve these ends, four broad strategic areas of development intervention - together with their projects and subprojects - have been identified on the basis of key concerns and issues that were identified in consultation with the stakeholders.


  1. Intensive urban management
    The intensive urban management intervention focuses on by-law enforcement, town planning scheme enforcement, informal trade control and regular delivery and maintenance of services, utilities and public environment management.


    • by-law enforcement;
    • better buildings programme;
    • establishment of CID; and
    • closed-circuit TV.


  2. Built form development (physical upgrade)
    The public environment upgrade concentrates on upgrading and ensuring the effective and efficient functioning of engineering infrastructure and services, including the road network. The upgrade will also encompass the development of the civic node, which will cover all community facilities.


    • physical environment upgrade
    • civic node development;
    • road alignment;
    • parking; and
    • taxi ranks.


  3. Economic redevelopment
    This intervention determines appropriate strategies and resources required to promote and support sustainable local economic development. The focus will be on the growth of the informal market and a high number of SMMEs on the High Street.


    • economic development plan;
    • monitor and evaluate informal trade; and
    • social development plan.


  4. Marketing and branding
    Marketing interventions will provide and determine coherent mechanisms, strategies and resources that are necessary to effectively promote the High Street for new investment.


    • marketing strategy plan;
    • informal base; and
    • communication.