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Randburg is in the northwestern part of the City of Johannesburg and falls within the administrative Region 3 of the city. It is situated between Sandton in the east, Fourways in the north, Rosebank in the south and Cresta in the west.

It is accessible from major roads: Jan Smuts Avenue and Hendrik Verwoerd, running north south, and Republic Avenue and Bond Avenue, running east west.

Randburg Business District has seen major decline in recent years, but remains a major retail and service centre. In many respects, it has the characteristics of a stagnant or declining node. However, it continues to play an important role in the urban economy and has greater economic significance than many other nodes in the city. The most important economic sectors are retail and business services.


The project's goal is to develop Randburg as an attractive and vibrant mixed-use node particularly focused on maximising and enhancing its role as a public transportation node and centre for small businesses, and which plays a significant economic role in the context of the City.

To affect this goal, changes and developments that will be undertaken include:


There are plans to upgrade the taxi rank.


Gautrain, the express train, is expected to affect the area's transport infrastructure. Randburg will serve as an interchange point for passengers wanting to access the train at Sandton, the station nearest Randburg.

Council offices

To ensure as many council departments as possible set up offices in the old civic centre, plans are being drawn up to redevelop the existing building, while additions have been proposed to house new functions.

Public spaces

Environmental degradation of the public spaces will be tackled. The council will work with utility agencies that collect rubbish, provide electricity, and sewer and water delivery, to improve lighting and better manage the cleaning of streets and public open spaces.