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BaralinkBaralink is considered to be the gateway to Soweto, the township whose image ranges from poverty-stricken and sprawling, to vibrant and cosmopolitan.

It is an area with huge buying power, yet historically it has been removed from economic developments. With the Baralink and other similar projects completed, this will no longer be the case.

The project promises to reinvent Soweto, whose development has been neglected for years, into a thriving centre of cultural and commercial activity. Parts of the township, such as Kliptown, have already received a major facelift; others, like Jabulani, Vilikazi Street and Orlando eKhaya, will follow soon.

Baralink consist of some 15 land parcels earmarked for different types of development. A project of great magnitude, it is over 10 years in the making. Many role players had to be consulted and dozens of proposals were received.

Key documents

Redevelopment of the Baragwanath Public Transport Node and Trader Market, 2001

Baralink Development Strategy: Business Plan Report, Oct 1999

Baralink Marketing Strategy, August 1999

An Economic Assessment and Implementation Strategy, August 1999

Land Use Optimization Report, October 1999

It consists of three important nodes: the Baragwanath Public Transport Facility, which was completed in 2008; the Orlando eKhaya development, a Johannesburg Property Company initiative; and the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital upgrade, a national and provincial government initiative in partnership with the City of Johannesburg.

Once the whole precinct is completed, it will not only be one of the key transport nodes in Johannesburg but also a major commercial hub, complete with shopping malls and mixed-income residential areas. It is expected to cost more than R100-million in total.