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Kliptown was established in 1903 and is the oldest residential area in what today makes up Greater Soweto. Together with Sophiatown and Alexandra, Kliptown was one of three freehold townships in the Johannesburg area where black people could own land. It is a fragmented area, bisected by the Klipspruit River and a railway line. On its southern border is the Kliptown commercial centre, made up of medium and small commercial enterprises as well as a considerable amount of informal or semi-formal trading.

The Klipspruit River and its flood plain forms the western boundary of Kliptown. Formal and informal housing is a major component, with informal housing estimated to comprise 85% of all housing in the area.

The development's objectives are to:

  • Maximise economic growth and empowerment;
  • Maximise the heritage, tourism and educational significance and importance of Freedom Square;
  • Maximise the recreational public open-space system and reverse environmental degradation;
  • Create an integrated, safe, secure and efficient transport system;
  • Create sustainable neighbourhoods by providing homes in safe, secure and healthy environments for all income groups;
  • Maximise human potential through pro-active social development programmes; and
  • Provide effective and efficient infrastructure and service delivery.