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The area

Situated at the corner of Plein and Twist streets in Joubert Park, the Drill Hall forms part of the Joubert Park precinct, which houses a park, a medical clinic, a crèche, a greenhouse, and the Johannesburg Art Gallery.

The projects

In the centre of the complex are two rows of five-metre high white plastered columns, the borders of the public square and the area that housed the original Drill Hall. Wrought iron frames link the columns, on which the names of the 156 Treason Trialists, including Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu. The paved square is used for military parades and public events. Beneath the square is an underground rifle range. Built in 1923 and around 25 metres in length, the range has been restored and is used by the army. Its entrance serves as a podium for the public square.

The west wing, which was originally a two-storey building of officers' mess and offices, of which the upper floor was destroyed in the fire, has been restored to a one-storey set of offices with a central entrance cut through on to the square. Display boards capturing photographs and diagrams of the original structure are housed in the west wing. Some of the rusty rifles found during excavation of the site will be displayed on the walls.

The eastern side of the site is to house "art bays", large metal screens for artworks in a "living exhibition". Music and story-telling also take place here. Find out what's on at the Drill Hall

The northern two-storey building, which was untouched by the fire, has been renovated and restored for the Rand Light Infantry, which originally occupied the building. They conduct parades in the square.