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The selection of the 95 000m2 site as the location for the national Constitutional Court, has created a number of opportunities to establish a viable and sustainable precinct that all contribute to the revitalisation of the site and the Johannesburg city centre.

The project aims to:

  • Develop the precinct around the concentration of the Constitutional Court, constitutional commissions and other related niche and supportive functions;
  • Develop the precinct heritage resources through a programme that promotes heritage, tourism and education;
  • Integrate the area into the property system of the Johannesburg city centre and increase property values in the precinct and in the surrounding areas of Braamfontein, Hillbrow and Parktown; and
  • Create a dynamic, vibrant and sustainable precinct through the creation of distinctive destinations with legal, research and office facilities.

Constitution Hill comprises:

  • The Constitutional Court;
  • Accommodation for the constitutional commissions;
  • Some 1 724 super-basement parking bays, bus and taxi holding and drop-off facilities;
  • Upgraded peripheral roads and internal streets;
  • A visitors' information and exhibition centre;
  • New museums and related heritage and tourism activities;
  • A restaurant; and
  • Public open spaces.

Key development blocks
The western portion of the site comprises four development blocks sited above the parking super-basement and, in turn, sub-divisible into smaller development land parcels. These are paramount in creating a critical mass that will sustain the development of Constitution Hill.

Each development block is subject to architectural coding and earmarked for a range of uses:

Development Block A will accommodate a publicly accessible information centre and shared facilities complex that includes conference facilities, an auditorium, training facilities, a library, meeting rooms and information desk for key tenants. Total bulk rentable floor space is approximately 5 000m2.

Development Block B will accommodate a 75-room hotel, 5 600m2 of office space and approximately 1 300m2 for retail purposes.

Development Block C will allow for 11 800m2 of office space and approximately 100m2 of retail facilities.

Development Block D will accommodate 12 500m2 of office space. And about 145 residential units will be created on the site by means of conversions to the existing Queen Victoria Hospital and Nurses' Home, as well as new unit construction on the upper levels of each of the development blocks.