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The JDA is not currently engaged in any projects in Braamfontein. Its R55-million investment as part of the Braamfontein Precinct Regeneration Programme was successfully completed in 2007.

It achieved its aim of improving the public environment, including:

  • Creating pedestrian-focused spaces with opportunities for social interaction and relaxation;
  • Bringing in a series of quality public spaces of different character to accommodate a variety of users;
  • Allowing a mixed-use environment to develop for infill residential development to accommodate various niche markets; and
  • Creating a vibrant, diverse, clean and safe environment for local and city-wide users and residents.
Started in 2002, the Braamfontein Precinct Regeneration Programme entailed creating a corporate precinct attractive to business and welcoming to regular patrons and visitors.

Renovations within Braamfontein are diverse and imaginative, and include the rejuvenation of several corporate buildings. Sappi House, on the corner of Simmonds and Ameshoff streets, the global headquarters of the world's largest producer of fine paper, was given a R100-million facelift.

The programme included the construction of an underground parking bay for the Joburg Theatre Complex, complete with escalators to the theatre levels. The parking bays are used by Sappi employees during the day but are available to the City after 7 pm and over weekends.

Bertha Street underwent transformation as an extension of the Nelson Mandela Bridge at the bottom of Braamfontein. The massive eland sculpture erected in 2007 now stands sentinel to Braamfontein and marks the gateway into the inner city.

Also part of the initial renovations, the Sappi Theatre Park next to the Joburg Theatre Complex and the National Ballet School was developed in a joint venture with the private sector. The JDA funded the upgrade of the area from Stiemens Street down to and including De Korte Street, and from Bertha Street to Joubert Street Extension, including the area around the council offices. The entire Juta Street between Loveday Street and the M1 offramp was also upgraded.

One of the main pedestrian entrances to Wits is located at the junction of Jan Smuts Avenue, Bertha Street and Ameshoff Street. This node is defined as the Wits Gateway.

This site has been widened and redefined to give greater pedestrian access across Bertha Street. Nearby, the triangular pavement has been converted into a pleasant pedestrian area with trees, benches and plinths to create added interest. The pedestrianised theme is continued throughout the suburb.

And in late 2007, the City opened its new Metrolink reception centre, a beautiful glass and brick structure, to ease the flow of visitors to its headquarters on top of the hill in Braamfontein. The new façade has greatly improved the stark appearance of the old Metro Centre and has created a visually pleasing link between the council offices and the Joburg Theatre Complex across the road.