Golden Harvest Drug Rehabilitation Centre

The socio / economic ills such as drugs abuse, alcohol abuse and unemployment amongst young generation in Joburg are major issues facing the residents of Johannesburg. The inadequate space at the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Randburg to care for patients seeking to address the challenges and in particular curing for the drug addiction amongst the youth was a major challenge.

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My Melville

Melville is a bohemian relaxed suburb of Johannesburg hosting many artists, academics and students. It is the location of many restaurants and bars as well as boutiques, which are mostly frequented by patrons from all over the country Joburg residents and tourists making it one of the city's most popular tourist destinations.

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Ochards clinic update: Remedial works to commence in 2018

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) suspended construction works at the Orchards Clinic, Orange Grove earlier this year, following allegations of structural under-design by the appointed engineer. An independent engineer was appointed in March 2017 to investigate the validity of the allegations. The investigation was completed in August 2017. The findings revealed that some of the structural members of the building such as beams and columns for the basement were under-designed.

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