Oasis planned for Soweto

A new neighbourhood is planned for Soweto – called Oasis – that will have residential, retail, recreation and business facilities. There are also plans for Lanseria.

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Jozi's growth trends analysed

Building applications have slowed over the past few years, it was reported at a discussion on the Growth Management Strategy, which looks at development trends.

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World Cup written in a book

Challenges and solutions in hosting the mega event are explored in Reflections & Opportunities: Design, Cities and the World Cup. It questions the role the World Cup played in forging a greater society.

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Halala awards handed out

Developments that put the heart and soul back in Johannesburg’s inner city have been honoured in the fifth annual Halala Joburg Awards.

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Better facilities for all

Gauteng municipalities have agreed to set standards for sport, recreation, art, culture and heritage. They will also integrate their resources.

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Afhco signs deal with French

Over a thousand housing units will be provided for the lower income market in the inner city through an agreement with the Agence Française de Developpement.

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France to invade Joburg

A cultural and educational exchange programme is playing out between France and South Africa in Joburg, starting with the France Season.

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Travellers chose Joburg

The second most visited city in Africa is Johannesburg, where visitors also spend more money than in any other African city.

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Youth talk about G2055

Given that it is Youth Month, young people were the first to be asked for their input on G2055, the Gauteng City Region's development strategy.

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Premier delivers her budget

E-tolling and the Gauteng City-Region Observatory were among the issues mentioned by the Gauteng premier when she delivered her R237-million budget.

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New hospital for Soweto

The Jabulani Hospital will make a major difference to the Soweto community’s access to health care.

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