JDA scoops international award

ITS public participation processes have earned the Johannesburg Development Agency international recognition, winning it the Core Values Award for the year.

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Cameo role for Mandela Bridge

THE iconic Nelson Mandela Bridge has a cameo role in the new Coldplay music video, which also ends with a clip of the British band’s Joburg concert.

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Joburg turns 125

BIRTHDAY wishes of a sort are in order for Johannesburg, which turns 125 this month, taken from the date gold was discovered on the reef.

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Going green in the inner city

Vegetables are being grown in a greenhouse on an inner city rooftop, which is going some way to beating high prices and food insecurity for the building's tenants.

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Pen adds to Braamfontein art

MORE public art is beautifying the streets of Braamfontein, this time in the form of an intricate wood, steel and concrete Pen of Knowledge.

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Joburg 2040 is here

IT was more than nine weeks in the making, but the Joburg 2040 Growth and Development Strategy has been written and is ready to guide the city to the next level.

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Joburg 2040 is ready

AFTER nine weeks, the City has collated all comments from its residents and other players, and will launch its Joburg 2040 strategy in an extravaganza on 20 October.

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Joburg gets the nod from Fitch

THE global ratings agency has kept Joburg's credit rating steady, signalling its ongoing confidence in the City's ability to manage its finances.

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Joburg adds input on Aids plan

THE National Strategic Plan on HIV /Aids, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Tuberculosis is being drafted for the next five years, and Joburg is giving its insights.

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Cities to look at environment

JOBURG will send a team of speakers to the Institute of Environment and Recreation Management convention, where they will speak about the City’s projects.

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Disabled people speak up

THE City's GDS2040 outreach has consulted with people with disabilities to ensure their inputs are included in the Growth and Development Strategy that will guide Joburg over the next three decades.

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Moving Joburg into 2040

AFTER nine weeks of heavy discussion, the City has taken all the inputs and suggestions it received from residents and experts, and will be working them into the Growth and Development Strategy.

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Learning science is fun

THE Sci-Bono Discovery Centre offers an interesting combination of education and entertainment, meaning you can have fun while you learn.

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