Tribute paid to Masondo

OUTGOING mayor Amos Masondo was hailed by the deputy president for his achievements during his 10 years at the helm of the city, among them regenerating the inner city and transforming Soweto.

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Mayor names committee

THERE are some old names in the mayoral committee, which is a mix of young blood and experience to steer the City over the next five years.

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Tau takes oath of office

THE new mayor of Johannesburg is ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work. He has a vision to take the city to greater heights, while never losing sight of the needs of the people.

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Rooftops open up Braamfontein

STYLISH rooftop gardens and cocktail lounges are adding an interesting dimension to Braamfontein, and they come complete with stunning city views.

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Africa Day line-up for Joburg

PARTY for Africa at a free Africa Day Concert in Newtown Park. On stage will be musicians from across the continent, including South Africa’s Tumi and the Volume and Senegal’s Baaba Maal.

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Beyers Naude Square on track

WORK on the inner city square is expected to be completed in June, and waterproofing, landscaping and paving are now being carried out.

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Joburg to travel as one

HOW to get thousands of people to park their cars and take public transport – this is the core of the Metro Mass initiative. Its challenge is to get over 5 000 people to change their habits, if only for a day.

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Hotel plans art exhibitions

THE Soweto Hotel on Freedom Square has a number of art activities planned through which it hopes to collect and relate the history of the township.

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Group fixes Diepsloot sanitation

A GROUP of locals is fixing sanitation in Diesploot’s Extension 1, one toilet at a time – and the work is all done for free.

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Chancellor House restored

DIGNITY has been returned to Chancellor House, the inner city building near the law courts that was once the offices of Mandela & Tambo Attorneys.

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Plans for walkable Joburg

A PEDESTRIAN friendly and walkable urban environment is the vision for Joburg’s inner city, with wider pavements and a network of public spaces.

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New energy brought to inner city

Back in the 1980s, Gerald Olitzki had a plan: buy a building in the inner city, and rebuild it. From there, rejuvenation around Gandhi Square has grown.

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