PROJECT 5: New Road Park

Historical context

In the 1950's this park was used as the central water providing point for the entire Kliptown community. This park forms part of the proposed heritage and tourism loop - Ochre Media.


Current activities

The park has several lines of pedestrian circulation.

Community requirements

The GKDF responded positively that there should be a private park in New Road. The following proposed activities were listed for the park:

Recreation activities:
Children's Park, The provision of play equipment such as merry-go-rounds Low fence is required for the safety of the children, Passive park with benches for adults, Lights and litterbins and Braai facilities.

This park should predominantly accommodate the needs of the community and should be dedicated as a "Children's Park".

Requirements according to the EMF

Purpose of the Park: 1. Multi age playground

Amenities: 1. Play equipment - Sandpit, swings, slides, roundabout, jungle gym
2. Benches
3. Drinking Fountain

Design approach

It is envisaged to develop this park into a community park. The following elements will be included in the park: a drinking fountain, which resembles the historical context of the central water point for Kliptown during the 1950's which was located in this park, a natural stone path winding through the middle of the park which preserves the historical circulation route. Provision will be made for a play area, netball/soccer and African game panels, which is incorporated into the low stone seating walls. The edge of the park will be defined by several freestanding walls along the boundary with a group of Celtis sinensis trees within.

Design elements

Paving Compacted laterite earth
Natural stone paving in compacted laterite earth
Natural stone paving with lawn and agricultural drain around the drinking fountain
Natural grey concrete slabs from Vanstone
Landscape elements Low stone seating walls incorporating African concrete game panels as part of the coping on selected places
Drinking fountain
2m High freestanding walls
Trees Celtis sinensis trees. Some of the trees in the park have been donated by the Johannesburg City Council.
Ablution facilities Position identified
Lights Position iendtified

Implementation start Feb - June 2005