PROJECT 3: Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication

Design approach

The Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication is a national monument where the signing of the Freedom Charter took place on 26 June, 1955. The landscape design approach reflects the original design philosophy developed by StudioMAS architects which is based on the historical context of this square. The Square consists of 2 sections namely the Western Square where the Congress of the People took place in 1955 (the harsh and starkness of this Square resembles the Old South Africa) and the Eastern Square (planted with a lush grove of trees, symbolising the new democracy of the New South Africa). Acacia trees representing the nine different provinces of the new South Africa will be planted in nine stone paved squares. The trees, once fully grown, will provide shade and create a pleasant environment for trading.

Design Elements

Trees and Stone:
Stone packing will be done in the in the nine squares, representing the nine different provinces, underneath the various species of Acacia trees representing each one of those provinces. Local stone will be used in all the squares.


The construction of the Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication will be completed by June 2005 in time for the 50 year celebration of the signing of the freedom.It is anticipated that the landscape implementation will be done in May 2005