PROJECT 2: Tourism parking area

Historical context

There are an existing clump of Eucalyptus trees in the southern section of the Tourism parking area and will be kept, only dead trees will be removed. The existing Eucalyptus trees have a very distinct historical significance in Kliptown. These trees formed the landscape background during the 1955 Congress of the People as seen in the picture below. In terms of the legibility of Kliptown these Eucalyptus trees also have a landmark value.

Design approach

Indigenous shade trees (Acacia sieberiana) has been proposed for the parking area. The line of the trees have been designed to line up with and extend the line of pillars of the adjacent Southern Structure (Market) on the Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication. This same rhythm will be extended into the Boulevards on the Southern and Northern sides of Union Ave Park. The landscape has been kept very simple, robust and low maintenance while at the same time creating a strong character of shape and texture.


Elements of design

The design elements will reflect that of the Taxi Rank across the road and which contains the following elements:
Paving Compacted laterite earth - Phase 2
Stone packing Large loosely packed grey loose stone packing with concrete kerbing around
Trees Acacia sieberiana and Celtis africana
Groundcovers in the stone packed areas Aloe sp scattered in stone packing underneath the trees
Irrigation Turf Valve System
Programme Implementation May/June 2005