Louis Botha Storm water Phase 1 construction commencing 10 May 2018

Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA)
For immediate release
09 May 2018

Louis Botha Storm water Phase 1 construction commencing 10 May 2018

The JDA will commence with the construction of the works on phase 1 of the Louis Botha Storm Water upgrade on behalf of the City of Johannesburg from 10 May 2018.

The works are apportioned as follows:

  1. Section A: Sinkhole at No. on 5th Street
  2. Section B: Sinkhole at No.26 Shipstone Lane, Victoria
  3. Section C: Sinkhole at 5th Avenue next Paterson Park Fence
  4. Section D: Eastern Culvert storm water upgrade (infrastructure reinstatement within Paterson Park)
  5. Section E: Repair of collapsed retaining wall next to No.45 Oakland Road, Orchards in open Channel.
 The storm water upgrade will include curbs, gutters, drains, piping, and collection systems. This process will reduce and treats storm water at its source while also providing multiple community benefits such as:
  • Reducing localized flooding
  • Improving community aesthetics
  • Encouraging more neighborhood socialization
  • Improving economic health by increasing property values and providing jobs opportunities for small businesses
The scope of works for this financial year is to complete detailed design and commence with construction on the identified priority areas which we refer to as Phase 1. The project will be implemented in phases over three financial years.

The JDA CEO, Christo Botes, says the anticipated contract duration for these works is a period of 8 months. 


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