Notice of temporary closure on Fuel Road - Westbury pedestrian bridge

Fuel Road closure alertCLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) Announcement
For immediate release
17 May 2016

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) continues to make good progress with the successful implementation NMT Westbury Precinct along the Corridors of Freedom.

As the JDA proceeds with implementation of the Westbury Pedestrian Bridge, motorists and the public are hereby advised of the temporary closure of Fuel Road to accommodate construction works. The road closures will take place between 19:00 and 05:00 on these dates:

  • Saturday 28 May 19h00 to Sunday 29 May 05h00
  • Sunday 29 May 19h00 to Monday 30 May 05h00
  • Saturday 4 June 19h00 to Sunday 5 June 05h00
  • Sunday 5 June 19h00 to Monday 6 June 05h00

Alternative routes

Motorists can make use of the following alternative routes in order to skirt the closure (see image above – CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE):

Eastbound traffic on Fuel Road can make use of alternate routes as follows:

  1. Right into Oudtshoorn Street;
  2. Left into Pinelands Street;
  3. Left into Plumbstead Street;
  4. Right into Wynberg Street;
  5. Left into Landsdowne Street;
  6. Right into Klaver Street;
  7. Left into Harmony Street; and
  8. Right into Fuel Road.


  1. Left into Steytler Road;
  2. Right into Ruben Avenue;
  3. Right into Kretzschmar Street;
  4. Left into Percy Peffer Street;
  5. Right into Phillip Bandes Street;
  6. Right into Hay Avenue; and
  7. Left into Fuel Road.

Westbound traffic on Fuel Road can make use of alternate routes as follows:

  1. Left into Harmony Street;
  2. Right into Klaver Street;
  3. Left into Landsdowne Street;
  4. Right into Wynberg Street;
  5. Left into Plumbstead Street;
  6. Right into Pinelands Street;
  7. Right into Oudtshoorn Street; and
  8. Left into Fuel Road.


  1. Right into Hay Avenue;
  2. Left into Phillip Bandes Street;
  3. Left into Percy Peffer Street;
  4. Right into Kretzschmar Street;
  5. Left into Ruben Avenue;
  6. Left into Steytler Road; and
  7. Right into Fuel Road.

The JDA would like to thank the public for their continued patience during the construction and ask motorists to be patient and to exercise caution when on the road.


Issued by:

Susan Monyai
Johannesburg Development Agency
Cell: 073 061 3965
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.